Rates & Requirements

Our entire facility is clement controlled… heated in the winter, air-conditioned in the summer.

Our experienced staff is first-aid and CPR-certified.

Our house food (dry) is Purina Lamb and Rice.

Dog Boarding Rates

$30 per dog, per day

Dog Boarding with Doggie Daycare

$42 per day

Dog Playtime

$7 per playtime
You can request as many doggie playtimes as you’d like.

Trail Walks

$5 per trail walk
You can request as many trail walks as you’d like.

Cat Boarding Rates

$16 per cat, per day

Cat Playtime

$5 per playtime
You can request as many cat playtimes as you’d like.

Doggie Daycare Rates

Half Day Price* Full Day Price
Single Day $15.00 $24.00
5-Day Discount Package $70.00 $110.00
10-Day Discount Package $140.00 $210.00
20-day Discount Package $280.00 $400.00
  • * Half Day is from 7am – 12pm or 2pm – 6pm.
  • Additional dogs in the family partaking in Doggie Daycare are billed at $16 per dog.
  • Doggie Daycare Packages are good for six (6) months from date of purchase.

Requirements for All Dogs

K9 Influenza
Bordetella (Kennel Cough)*
Negative Fecal Exam (must include Giardia testing)*
Monthly Flea Prevention

(* Every 6 months)

Additional Requirements for Doggie Daycare

Dogs over 7 months old must be spayed or neutered. They must pass a temperament evaluation and they must continually be socially appropriate for our playgroup. Click here to learn more about our Doggie Daycare Services.

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